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The Best Mac & Cheese Ever

I go through phases where I just want pasta. Can’t blame me right? I’m sure a lot of people can agree.

I was browsing through Trader Joe’s in the cheese section and it hit me. The craving hit and I just knew that pasta was going to be on the menu tonight.

But not just any mac & cheese. Made with Meyenberg goat milk, this dish is SURE to be your next favorite dinner menu item.

I honestly cannot express how elevated the goat butter made this recipe. The flavor and depth is out of this world and I cannot wait for you to try it!!

Grab the recipe below! Be sure to SAVE this recipe for next time and SHARE this with a friend who would love this!!!


- 2 cups pasta of choice

- One stick of Meyenberg goat milk Goat Butter

- 1 cup of Meyenberg goat milk Goat Milk

- 1 cup of Gouda

- Onion & garlic powder

- Salt and pepper

- 5 strips of bacon chopped

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