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The Best Burger in San Diego County!

If I had to choose a meal to eat for the rest of my life, it would be burgers, of course.

Growing up, I actually was not too fond of burgers.

I used to dread hearing my family announce every single burger night at my house because I genuinely just was not into burgers.

At the time, I honestly preferred anything but burgers. But as I go into my teenage years, burgers became my ultimate go-to meal evidently. My favorite place to grab a burger on a Friday night was, of course, at In-N-Out in high school. At the young age of 16, I fell in love with double-doubles, and nothing could ever top that. I remember being so excited for Fridays because I knew that I would have a burger at my favorite restaurant, surrounded by friends and truly living the “high school experience” at the end of the day.

Up till then, In-N-Out was the epitome of the “best burger” in my book. But until my boyfriend and I recently visited The Bier Garden in Encinitas, I firmly believed that In-N-Out was no longer the “spot” to get the best burgers in San Diego County. Although the purpose of our night out was to spend time together after working so hard during our final semester in college, I was honestly on the hunt for a great-tasting burger that was different from your average fast-food burger. I studied the menu hours leading up to our arrival, making me feel like a food critic.

As I have made my way through my twenties, I would say that my palette has changed and that I am open to trying a lot of new flavors and combinations. With that being said, I was drawn to their “Fig Burger,” a burger with fig spread, arugula, tomato, goat cheese, and caramelized onion. What drew me to this burger was that it was out of my comfort zone, as I had never tried a sweet and savory combination before. As my boyfriend and I were waiting for our meal, I stated that I was nervous about my choice of burger and made a plan to order something else if I ended up not liking it.

Once we got our meal, I’m not sure what changed in those couple of seconds because as soon as I laid eyes on this burger, I was all for it. To say the least, this burger exceeded my expectations. Not only was the meat cooked to perfection, but the way this burger was dressed was also absolute perfection. All the flavors complimented each other well, and I wish I had ordered two because it was just that good!

In the end, I was so happy with my choice of burger and truly feel like this is a strong contender as the best burger in San Diego County. I cannot wait until my day off so that I can take my parents here! If you have not visited The Bier Garden, I highly recommend it. You won’t regret it!

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