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Summer Time Visit To Las Vegas

To celebrate my 23rd birthday, Isaiah and I headed to Las Vegas. Honestly, this trip took a lot of planning and scheduling. I am not even joking, we wanted to see so many attractions in such little time, that we even made an itinerary for it!

I love Las Vegas so much, and I do not know how to describe the feeling. Given that I am not much of a late-night gal, this might be confusing for some. In all seriousness, I truly enjoy being on the strip at night and just taking in the moment. Seeing all the lights and excitement that surrounds the strip is what brings me back (literally every year). Secondly, what also brings me back is to see my best friend Kaila. Every single time I plan a trip to Vegas, I get so excited to see her!

To sum up our trip, we had a blast. We got a huge taste of Vegas in just the couple of days that we were there. We did a lot of eating, walking and laughing. Every single day, we clocked in about 15,000 steps and all the new areas of Vegas! Here are some highlights just to list a few:

  • Area 15

  • Omega Mart

  • Resorts World Las Vegas

  • Vanderpump Cocktail Garden

  • Red Rock Canyon

  • Park MGM

  • and more!

It was during the night of my birthday that I had one of those "main character moments". Something that I have been wondering lately with graduation around the corner, is when I would experience the moment that everything that I have been doing (education-wise) would "click". Well, as we were driving to Catch that night, I stared outside the window and noticed all the forms of advertisements that surrounded me. I remember thinking to myself "wow, look at all these brands, all these opportunities, all opportunities". It hit me then that Vegas could potentially be where I head next upon graduation to kick start my marketing career. The thought excited me and I promised myself I would look into this further once home.

All in all, this vacation was amazing and everything we planned for. I was super sad when our time in Las Vegas came to a close, but even more excited because the next day we hopped on a plane and flew to Dallas. Yes. I know what you're thinking: "why Dallas?". Well, why not? Our Dallas trip will be for another post. To end this post, here are some pictures from our Las Vegas trip. Enjoy!

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