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Single Serve Blueberry Protein Muffin

If you have been following me from the start, you will know that I am obsessed with single serve recipes…and for that matter any type of muffin.

Y'all voted for a blueberry muffin on my stories the other day, and this recipe was a winner for sure! This recipe is sweet, delicious, and high protein!

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Macros: 47C / 13F / 35P


½ Quick Oats

30g Protein Powder (I used PEScience)

Dash of baking powder

½ cup almond milk (or choice of milk)

60g SF Syrup

14g Oat Haus Granola Butter

25g Blueberries

5g Chocolate Chips


combine all ingredients in a blender and blend. Spray oven safe dish with non-stick spray and cook in a 350 degree oven for about 12-15 minutes or until the sides are golden brown.

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