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Pumpkin Palooza in Carlsbad

A tradition that Isaiah and I stick to is visiting a pumpkin patch every year!

The pumpkin patch symbolizes the start of our relationship. For a quick back story, In 2019, Isaiah and I were in the same BUS 300 class. One day I asked him if he had ever been to a pumpkin patch, because I had plans to go that week and didn’t want to go alone. When he said no, I then contemplated all week to ask him if he wanted to join me!

I remember being so nervous to ask him, as I turned to coworkers for advice.

They thought it was funny that I was nervous.

That Friday, I asked him and we went and picked pumpkins the following week! To this day, it remains one of my favorite memories.

Every single time I see pumpkins, I get so much joy and remember that day so fondly.

Here are some pictures from our date at Pumpkin Palooza in Carlsbad!

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