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Our San Francisco Trip

Isaiah and I took a trip up North and had probably the most fun we’ve had since last summer. Months ago, we planned this trip around the fact of the Monterey Bay Aquarium reopening again & have been excited for literally WEEKS!

This trip was everything I could look forward to, and definitely went within a blink of an eye! I can tell you that I felt so whole and complete with Isaiah by my side during our visit to so many places. We stayed in such a cute AirBnB! It absolutely was OBSESSED with the layout and overview of the city. It was everything that I could have ever wanted.

Our time in San Francisco was quick, as we were constantly on the move and jumping from Uber to Uber to see as much as we could. We definitely saw our fair share of sights and ate a lot of delicious food. I will have to make another post just to talk about all the food we tried!

We had lots of laughs and although things got a little stressful in San Francisco with us accidentally walking through the most dangerous part of the city, we managed to stay positive and have a good time. Overall, it couldn’t have gone more perfect and I cannot wait till our next trip!


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