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Huntress - Steak & Whiskey Society

If you are looking for the best meal of your life, you need to visit Huntress in San Diego.

The background of this story was that Isaiah was turning 21 years old and given that I wanted to provide him with a amazing dinner, I ended up searching high and low for a place for us to celebrate. I searched on Google and Yelp, and asked around for where I could find the best steak in San Diego.

I was guided toward many options, but it was not until I stumbled upon Huntress's Instagram that I decided that this was the place.

With one look of their beautifully laid out profile, I was confident that we were in for a amazing meal.

To start, the aesthetics of this place were gorgeous and nothing like I have ever seen before. Second, the service was spectacular. Third, the food was literally what I would want as my last meal.

Literally it was that good.

We racked up a pretty hefty bill, but that was not on my mind as the day was focused solely on Isaiah. 21 is a huge milestone and my goal was to plan a celebration that he would never forget. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Huntress we had such a good time and were recommended the most delicious menu items ever!

The scallops were my personal favorite, but Isaiah fell in love with the "Prime 35 Day Aged Tomahawk".

I could keep talking about this restaurant forever. If you are ever in the Gaslamp Quarter area, I am begging you almost to visit Huntress. You will not be disappointed.

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