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I’ll get right into it. This is a MUST visit spot if you are ever in the Santa Monica area. I know this place gets a lot of hype on social media…and it's for a good reason.

The whipped eggplant had my heart and doesn't taste as intimidating as it sounds. Isaiah was shocked at just how good it was. NGL, I wanted to order a second one. I mean the bread was FRESH.

But the real winner for me was the Margherita Pizza and 20 Oz Bone-In Ribeye. We tried a lot of other sides and dishes that I totally forgot to film. This even had our waiter ask how we were still hungry.

If there's one thing about Isaiah and myself, is that we can literally clear a table of food.

Let me know if you have been here and where we should go next!


Whipped Eggplant

Margherita Pizza

20 Oz Bone-In Ribeye

Vodka Sauce Pasta



The Élephante

Free Bird

10/10 would come back for that pizza.

Check out my Instagram reel here to see all the great food!


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