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Dallas Texas

I wanted to open up this post by saying that I fell in love with Dallas. This was such a spontaneous choice to visit but ended up being one of the best couple of days of my life. Isaiah and I were so out of our element being in a different state. One of the cool aspects of this portion of our trip was that we did not have an agenda. We basically played it all by ear, hopped from Uber to Uber, and discovered areas that captivated our attention.

It was here in Dallas that I got to visit an old coworker. Isaiah on the other hand had the chance to meet a coworker for the first time, as their company is one hundred percent online. We both enjoyed these moments and did not want them to end.

I will say that agriculture, downtown life, and hospitality are what made me fall in love with Dallas. Our various Lyft drivers actually were a part of the reason why we were able to see the amazing places Dallas had to offer per their recommendation. We even stumbled upon our new favorite Lyft driver, who was funny, informative, and the father of Awgust a famous singer.

Places that we visited included:

  • Texas Discovery Gardens

  • Yardbird Restaurant

  • White Rhino Coffee

  • Dealey Plaza

  • AT&T Discovery District

  • Jaxon Beer Garden

  • Mandalay Canal Gondola Ride

As I mentioned in my Las Vegas post, I had a "main character moment" that made me believe that Vegas would be a place to start my marketing career. But in Dallas, I thought the same thing, and then realized that I had a lot of researching to get started on.

When we left, Isaiah and I promised that we would return because of time in Dallas was too short. Well, until next time!


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