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Crumbl Cookies

Listen. Any "rainy day" of mine can be solved with a trip to Crumbl Cookies. Crumbl is by far the best thing that has ever happened to this world. Their cookies are amazing, their flavors rotate EVERY WEEK, and I am just obsessed okay.

Every single time I go to Crumbl, I honestly think about how far I have come with healing my relationship with food. In my past, I told myself I would never eat cookies again because they were not "healthy". Given that cookies and ANYTHING can be incorporated into any diet, you should never omit the foods you love...and I love cookies so let's get to the post!

You might be thinking: "well Sarah how can I track a cookie into my nutritional goals for the day". It is honestly so easy. Crumbl Cookies provides all the nutritional information on their website. With this information, they also provide the grams per serving. This means that you can create an entry on My Fitness Pal and portion out the serving that you would like.

I'll be the one to say that Isaiah and I have many times smashed a whole box of these together. Crumbl Cookies, if you ever come across my website, just know that I love you okay.

The example that I am going to show you below does not reflect this specific cookie but the method can be applied to tracking any of their cookies.

1. On My Fitness Pal (if you have a premium subscription), click "create a food". Under "Brand Name", type Crumbl Cookies. Under "Description" type the flavor you are tracking. Under "Serving Size", type 165g. Under "Servings per Container", type 1. Once completed, click the arrow on the top right of the screen to get to the next section.

How did I get this number?

If there are 5.5 servings "per cookie", and a serving is 30g, then you would multiply 5.5 x 30g. This is how you get 165g as the serving size.

2. For this section, you will be entering everything into My Fitness Pal from the right side of this nutrition facts label. Type in 600 calories, 30g Fat, 82g Total Carbohydrates, and 2g Protein. Once done, click the checkmark on the top right.

3. After you click the checkmark you will be directed to your diary and the entry for this will be already added. For this section, you will need a food scale. So grab your scale!

4. Zero out your scale. divide the cookie into the portion you want. Weigh the portion. Whatever the weight of your selected portion is, type this into your "entry" under "Number of servings".

*Make sure to change the serving size from "165g" to 1g.* For example, if I wanted a 90g portion, I would type in this under "number of servings" and the macros/ nutritional information would be accurately reflected for the portion that I chose.

5. Click the checkmark and now your cookie has been tracked!

As a disclaimer, you do not have to track your cookies and macros if you do not want to. This post is strictly for educational purposes only. Life if too short. Eat the whole cookie unapologetically if you want. I know I have and still continue to do so today.

What is your favorite flavor from Crumbl? Let me know on my Instagram!

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