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Baba Coffee

So I hear that you want to visit the best coffee shop in Carlsbad? Well, you have come to the right place.

Baba Coffee is an absolute charm, and a must to visit when in the Carlsbad Village. This cute coffee shop has so much character, community, and love within four walls. When I first started coming to Baba Coffee, a little over four years ago, I was always drawn to the vibe of the place: friendly staff, great music, caring owners, and a great location. I mean, just look at this building. I am literally so obsessed.

Okay, I will admit I am a little biased because I have had the absolute pleasure to work here for over four years, but as a Starbucks barista, I will confidently say that the coffee served here is spectacular.

I look forward to making myself a cup every week.

I drink my coffee black so I know what I am talking about. Even more so, customers come here just to have the coffee on tap. This one action speaks volumes.

My go-to order will always be the Garden Salad, with smoked salmon. I am telling y'all, I have been getting this salad for the same amount of years that I have been a customer. What separates this salad from all the other salads that I have had is the heirloom tomatoes and the overall freshness of the salad as a whole. I do not think I will ever stop getting this. I promise you won't be disappointed. If you are not into salads, order an avocado toast which is another popular menu item.

A lot of craft and love is poured into every menu and drink item. The pastries served here are baked in-house and always hit the spot. I could tell you more, but I would spoil the surprise that I am urging you to come to check out for yourself.

I look forward to working here every week, and I hope to the person reading this post will make a day to visit Baba Coffee. I am confident that as I feel like family here, that you will too.

See you soon!

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