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Animae | Waygu Steakhouse

To celebrate Isaiah and I's second anniversary, we visited Amimae in San Diego! Months ago, I was searching all around Yelp and Instagram to figure out where to make reservations at for our upcoming anniversary. I was sold once I saw a picture of their decor and 38 Oz Dry Aged Ribeye.

"Isaiah would LOVE this!", I said out loud.

For the next couple of months, we awaited this day patiently and anticipated the amazing meal that would be in our near future.

Once we arrived, I literally was in awe of the sign outside. I am a sucker for logos and fonts ok?

When we were seated, we both took a second to take in the ambiance of the restaurant. The theme of the restaurant, in our opinion, resembled a theater. With one look at the interior design of the restaurant, you are sure to be blown away, I promise!

We started this amazing dining experience with drinks, I got "Tara's ABG", which was "a blend of rums, taro, cream of coconut and pineapple". This was by far one of the best cocktails that I ever had. I did not want to finish this drink to say the least. Isaiah ordered water and adorably told our waitress, "I am driving tonight, water is fine for me".

Now onto the meal. Like always, Isaiah and I never cease to order a lot of food. Whenever we do go out on dates like this, I guess you could say that we never limit ourselves. I had full intentions to order the seared scallops, but once our waitress told us that the special for the night was lamb, I instantly knew what I was going to order.

With that being said, this is what we ordered:
  • Lumpia

  • Bao Buns

  • Lamb

  • 38 Oz Dry Aged Ribeye

  • Wagyu Fried Rice

  • Pandan Malasadas

  • Ube Sundae

Please order the 38 Oz Dry Ribeye. Just please trust me. This is one of those occasions where I sat there eating the 38 Oz Dry Ribeye and loved every single moment of it. Just wow. During the second half of our meal, Isaiah and I witnessed Chef Brian Malarkey and Executive Chef Tara Luansing Monsod walking around and talking to guests. I was a little starstruck I won't lie.

All in all, our experience here at Animae was amazing. We will never forget it, and we are sure to visit again...perhaps for the scallops or for more Pandan Malasadas. Ugh, so good!


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