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Meet the face

hello beautiful,

My name is Sarah Holloway. My passions revolve around nutrition, cooking, and fitness. I hold myself accountable to a high standard and will always put my best effort forward in all my tenacious endeavors. I as well aim to be a positive light for my peers, and share this through all my social media channels. 

Thank you for being here.


I started helloholloway in high school as individuals used to say "hello holloway!" when passing through the halls. In 2017, this platform in the beginning was dedicated to posting pictures of my teenage life. Now, it has evolved into a beautiful platform where I share everyday recipes, fitness tips, body positivity, a place to promote healing one's relationship with food, and lastly my life! 

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My values are surrounded by the content I produce. The goal of my personal brand and various platforms are to have a positive impact. I want to encourage everyone to heal their relationship with food and fitness. I secondly aim to shed a light on the importance of nourishing and moving your body in a manner that celebrates what the human body is capable of doing. Lastly, I aim to inspire, uplift, promote balance and be the person that I needed years ago when entering into the health and wellness space. 

Most importantly, this website is dedicated to the individuals that always cheer me on and always support my goals. Helloholloway was a dream. Now it's a reality. 

I could not have created this without you.


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